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The central web server, including its subdomains, represents the University of Cologne internally and externally, provides information and supports the University in the fulfilment of its tasks. It connects the members of the University among each other and with the world. It provides the framework for a coherent appearance, but also serves a forum for the University’s institutions to present themselves individually.


Responsibility and authority

The University of Cologne does not warrant the operation of the website, nor the accuracy and topicality of the information provided thereon. The University of Cologne’s Regional Computing Center (RRZK) is responsible for the operation and primary organization of the website. In the University’s Faculties, the respective webmasters are responsible for the organization of their web pages. The Rectorate is responsible for all general content. In case of doubt, it decides on the admissibility of data. The online editor (Press and Communications Department) is responsible for the server’s central web pages. Apart from that, the members of the individual institutions of the University provide their information independently.


Legal information on plagiarism

Information on plagiarism, its legal conditions and the consequences it entails are available as a PDF-document. 


Data protection

Further information



Dr. Stephan Milich
Department of Middle Eastern and South East Asian Studies
50923 Cologne

Annette Steffny, M.A.
RTG 2661 "connecting-excluding"
50923 Cologne
Email: annette.steffny[at]